Be proactive with retain customers

Most times customers leave you quietly and often with no warning. And, it’s 2 to 3 times as difficult and costly to win them back after they have defected to the competition. This is why companies need an early warning system to identify customers “at risk” and prevent them from walking away.

Our Retain Customers solution is designed to keep customers and increase their lifetime value to your business. Shortly after a buying experience we gather specific feedback from your customers to determine why they buy and how your organization performed on that criteria. We pair this information with rich buying history and customer profiling information to establish retention scores for customer. In others words, how likely are they to buy from you again. We also identify the most important factors that will determine whether they go with you or the competition.

The Retain Customers solution then has the capability to notify key management, sales and customer service of customers that are “at risk” for defection. Additionally, it offers prescriptive actions on how to preserve those relationships and keep the customer from leaving for the competition. It also identifies your happiest and most loyal customers and alert sales and marketing to the reasons why so that they can continue to delight customers on the things that they value most.

The Retain Customers solution enables you to delight all of your customers all of the time; driving repeat purchases and greater share of wallet.