Easy does it when you activate customers

Identify customers at the height of purchase intent, approach them with the right offer and convert the sale. Sounds easy, but when you are working with limited windows of time and a finite set of resources the challenge can seem insurmountable.

Our Activate Customers solution is designed to help you do just that. Our proprietary platform analyzes customer, sales, market and other key information to identify selling opportunities. When those selling opportunities occur our systems trigger notifications to be sent to your sales team, channel partners and marketing department for a prescribed follow up action. This arms your sales and marketing channels with the right offers and information to close the sale.

As part of the Activate Customers solution we track and measure all of the outcomes from every selling opportunity. So, the platform is designed to learn and get smarter about how, when, where and why customers buy. This information is captured and analyzed in real-time so that we can help you adjust target markets, products and services, offers and communications. Activate Customers learning capability drives higher sales conversion rates over time yielding more revenue, profits and market share for your business.