Identifying Opportunities

Whether it is an unmet need, rapidly expanding market or chance to win share from a weaker competitor we start by identifying, sizing and prioritizing your opportunities in the marketplace. We also take an outside in approach to evaluate the markets that you’re playing in today through rigorous research and analysis of both the market and your company.

Then we seek to understand the root cause drivers of high value opportunities through interviews, surveys and quantitative analysis to uncover opportunities related to your customers, prospects, competitors and partners. This process yields a clear map of your market that guides sound decision making.

Once we have established your market map, we turn the lens inward to evaluate whether or not the way you’re going to market today aligns with the opportunities in the marketplace. This surfaces key issues such as gaps in market coverage, misalignment with your customers or deficiencies in your sales and marketing effectiveness. Our process also establishes a foundation to remedy short term issues as well as make accurate long term decisions.